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Slotted Angle Adjustable Rack

  • Adjustable rack used for storage purpose.
  • We can adjust compartment size.
  • As per our requirement.
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Heavy Duty Rack

  • Useful for starage heavy material & use for pallating.
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Compactor / Mobile Rack

  • Its a mobile storage system.
  • Small space can be used for storage pupose.
  • Its a compact lockable system
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Employee Lockers

  • Emplyee personal locker.
  • Storage purpose locker.
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Box File Cabinet

  • Used to storage office box file in proper.
  • Position with proper visualization.
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Tool Trolley

  • Used to store & organise your tools & industrial material.
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Periodic Magzine Display Rack

  • Used for display for new arrival magazine.
  • It has storage compartment to storage old magazine.
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News Paper Stand

  • Used for display of news paper.
  • We can storage weekly news paper.
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Book Handling Trolley

  • Used in library for book handling
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Book Stopper / End

  • It is design to support upright row of books.
  • It is placed on either end to prevent books.
  • From falling over such as in a half filling bookself, bookends are both.
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Library Book Stack

  • Use for storage of book in proper and in decipline manner
  • Books can be arrange as per initial letter / department / subject.
  • Rack helps us to keep our library neat and clean.
  • Racks save our time in search of books.
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Office Cupboard

  • Use for keeping important files or office papers or personal thinks of employees or officers.
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Bunker Bed

  • A bunk bed is a type of bed in which one bed frame is stacked on top of another for space utilization
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School Bench

  • For proper seating of students available in three in one, two in one seating arragement
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Festoon Cable Trolley For Crane

  • For easy & flexible movement of cable in overhead cranes
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Cable Trolley For Crane

  • For easy & flexible movement of cable in overhead cranes